Rahul Walia- Medical Student


Rahul Walia, Medical Student

University of British Columbia

Sir Charles Tupper Secondary, Class of 2011


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1. What year did you graduate secondary school?
– 2011

2. What is your current job title?
– Medical Student

3. Where and for whom do you currently work for now?
– I study medicine at UBC

4. What inspired you to pursue your career?
– The infamous question: “why did you decide to be a doctor?”

I could talk about this for hours, but to be perfectly honest, there was no instant in time where I had a eureka moment. Simply put, I’ve always had a strong desire to learn about the world and help people. Medicine was a natural fit.

5. What do you love about your career?
– What I love about the field of medicine is the endless possibilities of what you can do. From clinical work, to research, to advocacy work, there are no limits.

6. Any negatives about your job to share?
– I think any person involved in the field of medicine would say that there is quite the time commitment, but at the same time, I feel like that the time you invest is well worth it.

7. What characteristics are ideal for someone pursuing your career?
– Someone who is curious and open-minded will do very well in the field.

8. What is the most rewarding part of your career?
– For me, it’s knowing that I am getting to not only study what I love, but also know that when I am done studying I will be able to apply my skills to help people.

9. What courses would you recommend to take during highschool to help in your career path?
– Honestly, take whatever you are interested in. Whether it be literature, photography, or physics. A good physician is one that can think critically and in a multitude of ways.

10.Describe your academic and non-academic path to your profession (the more detail the better!)
– It’s hard to think back about all the decisions I made to get here. I’ve changed a lot throughout the years, but one thing I’ve done well throughout my life is pushing my comfort zone. That’s where you grow.

From playing every sport I could in high-school, to taking literature, theatre, science, information technology, and everything in between, I always tried to explore. High school was great for that. I was able to learn about myself and see what I liked.

In university, it was tougher, I felt like I needed to pick. I loved a lot of things, mainly literature and health sciences. Ultimately, I did a life sciences degree with an options in physics and astronomy, but at the same time I made sure to take as many elective literature courses as possible.

After four years in university and completing my undergrad, I started medical school. I’m currently in my second year.

There’s a lot more that happened in between, but the specifics are not that important. I think the key is following your interests and pushing yourself to be better than you were the day before. I did a plethora of extracurriculars, joined many clubs, travelled, published research, and things in-between. Nothing is mandatory, but it is important (at least to medical schools) to show that you are a active member of your community and someone who is passionate about improving themselves. I’m not sure I answered the prompt correctly, but hopefully it’s a start.

11. What do you like to do for fun?
– Go biking, cook a nice meal (or get take out sushi), watch the Office, swimming, reading, pretty normal stuff I think.

12. Favourite hockey team or proudest Canadian thing?
– Maple syrup. Definitely maple syrup.

13. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger highschool self?
– Don’t be afraid of taking risks. Also, invest in Apple and Bitcoin.

14. If you are okay to be contacted by students, what contact would you be okay to leave to communicate with you? (ie. email, work number, etc.)
– Feel free to email me at rahul.w18@gmail.com

May I contact you with questions?
-Sure! Shoot an e-mail to mentorsoftupper@gmail.com with the subject line “Contact: (full name)” and your question.
(Responses may take some time.)
-Sorry, not at this time.

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